Night Ride 14 April 2016  Crammond 'Sunset'

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Thursday, April 14, 2016 6:54 PM BST

Distance: 15.2 miles
Duration: 2 hours, 18 minutes, and 40 seconds (to Russel Road) or which 1hr 47 was moving time.

Minimum Elevation: -52 feet
Maximum Elevation: 306 feet
Total climb: 1687 feet
Total descent: 1506 feet

Lead: Jim
Text: Jim
Photos: Hopefully someone can email me some as I only have one fuzzy one.
Trace: Jim

On Thursday 14th April at 7pm, Eight of the bravest Suspects set off from George V Park, on the first of the evening rides. 

Weaving through Rocheid path into Inverleith park, we quickly scaled the steady climb to the paths opposite Craigleith Shopping Centre.  Back in offroad territory, we went down the Blackhall Path into Davidson's Mains Park and into the strip of woodland that runs along the edge of Barnton. Emerging at the old Maybury hotel, a bit of trafficlightery saw us riding Cammo Gardens into the Cammo Estate. 

Mike kindly handed round some excellent carrot cake, and thus protected against the cold (7deg C) we were able to appreciate the ruins of the house, and boggle at the ornamental canal. Cammo estate info is here

 Not wishing to go for the mud prize that evening, we retraced to the exit, and turned left along Cammo Road and right into Craigie hall Temple, with fine views of the River Almond down below. Crossing the nice old stone 'Grotto Bridge' we went under the subway to the A90 and on to the familiar Cramond Bridge.

A sharp and uncustomary left turn saw us riding alongside the Almond into Crammond (with a wee detour to avoid the steps: Peggy's Mill Road, Whitehouse Road, School Brae).

Fate decreed that we should not observe the Crammond sunset that night, so we sped along the waterfront and up to Forthquarter park, where the West Granton Access path took us to the Red bridge, we split up there and the ride effectively ended. 

Cloudy, 7Deg C, light winds - a good day compared to the Wednesday before and the Friday after, which were both wet!

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Standing around near the canal
Heading back out
The ornamental canal
Three mustgetbeers

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