Night Ride 21 April 2016  Frolics and Fireworks

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Thursday, April 21 7pm

Distance: 22 miles

Duration: 3 hours, 17 minutes, and 6 seconds
Average Speed: 5.2 mph
Minimum Elevation: -34 feet
Maximum Elevation: 587 feet
Total climb: 2819 feet
Total descent: 2701 feet

Lead: CLaire
Text: Claire
Photos: Michael
Videos: Jim  
Trace: Jim

Video clips will work with all phones and most PCs.  Contact me if they don't.

Short video  67 secs 30MB 2016_04_21_shortvid.3gp
Long video  6mins 140 MB 2016_04_21_longvid.3gp

On the evening of 21 April  8 cyclists took cycle route 75 North,  crossing Leith Links over the bridge  to join the cycle route to Portobello. After a brisk cycle against an Eastern wind along the seaside promenade we relaxed at the end of the pier. On the return leg, with the wind now behind us we breezed our way back along the coast to Leith. A foray into the Leith docks confirmed that the through route is barred so we went back along the road to Ocean Terminal. At 9pm we were treated to a fireworks display over the Royal Yacht Britannia to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday while enjoying a coffee and walnut cake (thanks Mike) over hot chocolates. Our return ride took us back to the 5 ways crossing, over the red bridge and up the Roseburn Path. Total mileage 22 miles.

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Whizzing off
Hangin' around the end point
Rolling along the prom
More riders on the prom
Coffe and hot chocolate

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