Night Ride 28 April 2016  Sunny Standingstanes

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Thursday, April 28 7pm

Distance: 21 miles

Duration: 2 hours, 34 minutes, and 7 seconds
Average Speed: 8.2 mph
Minimum Elevation: -8 feet
Maximum Elevation: 524 feet
Total climb: 2573 feet
Total descent: 2389 feet

Lead: Michael
Text: Michael
Photos: Michael
Trace: Jim

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The forecast didn't look too promising and the dark clouds that loomed over our meeting point in King George V Park looked set to fulfill that promise, but this didn't prevent four intrepid cyclists (myself included) from setting out on this 20 Miler's third evening outing.

We rode off east along the bike paths to the five ways point from where we took the Ferry Road path out to Craigleith and picked up route one at the Sustrans marker, from where we rode up past Davidsons Mains and out to Cramond Brig where we stopped to admire the dramatic sky and a troop of swallows skimming across the dark river Almond, and sample some delicious Italian biscuits generously provided by Jim (cheers!). After a brief rest we rode on up the hill and out to the main entrance to the Dalmeny Estate where we crossed over and took the road up to Dalmeny which afforded us great views across the Forth and the three bridges spanning the water. By now Dawn had noticed a pile of dark cloud dangling in the west which seemed to be heading our way and was at that point dropping its buckets of ice cold rain over some not so distant hills. Luckily it seemed not to be moving in our direction as we rode out of Dalmeny along Standing Stane Road and down on to the main road that led us back to the A90 overpass.

The sky ahead was clear with still a few patches of blue, though the light was beginning to fade so we stopped to put on our lights. Back at the A90 overpass we completed our loop and headed back down route one the way we'd came to Cramond Brig then on to Whitehouse Road. From here we rode down to the waterfront at Cramond and along the seafront towards Silverknowes and Gypsy Brae. It was around this point that we lost one of our riders as Dawn decided to peel off to take the quicker route home and the sooner find herself lounging in that hot bath she be dreaming of for most of the latter part of the ride.

And then there were three. We continued along the seafront till we joined the West Shore Road then turned off onto the cycle path that leads up past the prominent 'Going to the Beach' statue in Saltire Square and continues up alongside the West Granton Access Road to the Red Bridge where the ride officially reached its end. No majestic fireworks this week, but plenty of dramatic skies and splendid scenery, even if it was a bit on the cold side (should've listened to Mark Twain..), but at least we escaped the rain. Thanks to all for coming and hope to see you again on the next 20 Milers evening ride.


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Happy and Smiling. (we haven't started yet)
Chewing biscuits
Speaks for itself
See the sky we escaped the foul forecast

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