Night Ride 19 May 2016  Drookit Pairks

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Thursday, May 19, 2016 6:35 PM BST
Distance: 11.5 miles
Duration: 2 hours, 20 minutes, and 6 seconds
Minimum Elevation: -153 feet
Maximum Elevation: 509 feet
Total climb: 2207 feet
Total descent: 1974 feet

Lead: Jim
Text: Jim
Photos: Michael
Trace: Jim

It had to happen eventually. Up to now, whenever there's been a bad forecast for a ride, the sun has shone instead and the cyclists have escaped. But even the coolest cats have only nine lives as they say, and bad weather struck our three parks ride.  It had been sunny enough lounging outside the cafe beforehand, but once we mounted our steeds and flowed East along down the Goldenacre and Warriston paths and took Anderson Place into Pilrig Park, it was distinctly rainy.

Exiting to Balfour Street and Leith Walk, we turned into Gordon Street and Picked up the Restalrig path alongside Leith Academy. then we climbed up to street level via the zigzags and ran along Lochside Butterfly Way and into Lochend Park. But by now it was bucketing, and after briefly admiring the dovecot and the hexagonal thing, we exited South to Marionville Avenue and Restalrig Avenue were we stopped to admire the Craigentinny marbles. There was one rider who hadn't seen it bfore, and the others who had seen it many times were prepared for one more visit. The store of this fascinating mausoleum can be found here,

A hop, skip and a jump took us to Figgate park, the last of the three. There we found pouring rain, and a taciturn pedestrian who lacked a nuanced grasp of path sharing. Hiding under a tunnel from both, we conferred on whether we should continue on to Musselburgh as we normally would, or to head back. All the cats who expressed a preference, were for heading back, so we called it a day having achieved the three parks.

A swift scoot back the the Innocent, and then down the Mound and back to (nearly) the start point. The sky brightened up a bit at this point, as per Murphy's Law.
All in all an pleasant evening's cycling topped off (for us) by a deliciously cool pint of East Coast IPA at the Cumberland Bar in Cumberland Street. Cheers!

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