Night Ride 02 June 2016  Cheerful Cloudy Crammond

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Thursday, June 2, 2016 6:34 PM BST
Distance: 16.2 miles
Duration: 3 hours, 48 minutes
Moving time: 2 hours, 00 minutes
Average Speed: 8.1 mph
Minimum Elevation: -4 feet
Maximum Elevation: 384 feet
Total climb: 1427 feet
Total descent: 1367 feet

Lead: Jim
Text: Jim
Photos: Michael
Trace: Jim

We should be used to it by now, and maybe we are: bathing in sunshine outside a cafe at 18:45, but by 19:00 completely clouded over. But we evening riders are of stout heart, and if anything a bit of cloud raised our spirits. We decided to revisit the first evening ride, and with milder weather and more daylight we could look a little more closely at the places we visited. 6 of us (one new to the group) sailed along Rocheid Path, into Inverleith park and onto the Blackhall path. Emerging at Davidsons Mains we rode through the woods parallel to Quensferry Road, and after a little backtracking owing to a house having been built over our favourite exit point, we emerged at Barnton Park Crescent, and a bit of traffic light hopscotch saw us riding towards Cammo Estate.

On this second visit, we saw the House, the Canal, whizzed past the Walled Garden, saw the stables and the Water Tower. You can learn more Here.

Next up was the specacular view of the Almond from high up, using the tiny path that stretches between Cammo Rd and Riverside Rd. Then through the tunnel under the A90, to Crammond Bridge and a view of the peaceful side of the Almond. Hard to believe it's the same river!  Sticking to the Almond, we climbed Peggy's Mill Rd and ran down Whitehouse Rd to the next exploration point, Crammond Walled Garden. This often ovelooked bit of land houses the Garden itself, Crammond House, a highly explorable wood (we didn't) , Crammond house, and the nice old Crammond Tower.  Scottish Taxidermy has a page stuffed with facts about it.

Onwards along the prom, where we battled an Easterly wind for a while, before settling to a pint in the Old Chain Pier, where the ride formally ended.

A cheery ride, and a very relaxed and happy group at the end, with most of us looking forward to more of the same next week on holiday.

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At the start
In the woods
The water tower
Triumphant at Crammond Bridge

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