Night Ride 30 June 2016  Change Course for Crammond

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Thursday, June 30, 2016 7:30 PM BST
Distance 12.5 miles

Lead: Jim
Text: Jim
Photos: Michael
Trace: Jim

Billy Connolly once said there are only two seasons in Scotland - Winter and July. So on the last day of Winter 2016 we set off for Crammond.
(We postponed Dalkeith again, the weather was OK cloudy & mild but we preferred to avoid the forecast heavy rain.)

So five of us ran down the Goldenacre path to Craigleith and then North-West along the Blackhall path to Crammond.  Pausing to admire the Crammond Tower again, we rode downhill to the prom and had fantastic views of the island and Fife.

We'd intended to terminate at the Old Chain Pier, but there being no room at the inn, we plunged South on the Trinity and Goldenacre paths, to arrive at Smithie's Ale House near the start point, where a decent pint and a comfortable setting were to be had,  in a pub swiftly emptied by a quiz.

Thanks to all who braved a dodgy forecast, and I'm glad we got home in the dry, in my case just as the rain started.    It'll be July next week and we will have another go at Dalkeith.

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