Evening Ride 04 August 2016; Infamous Iglestone and Perfidious PFS

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Thursday, Aug 04, 2016 7PM

Distance: 10 miles from town.

Lead: Jim
Text: Jim
Photos: Michael
Trace: Jim

Tonight we decided to explore some of the methods of getting To / From Ingleston for the Pedal for Scotland Ride.
As far as I know, there won't be any signing for the event. So I've drawn 6 colour coded routes on the map.

The routes we recced

We rode two of them:

Route 1 Davidsons Mains, West pointing arrow, light blue on map, 10 miles

From Cannonmills to Inverleith Park and Craigleiths, then onto the Path system and North along the Blackhall paths to Davidsons mains, then along the woods to Drum Brae, and take the East Craigs (Bughtlin) paths to Maybury Casino,  from there a track lies alongside the A8 and takes you to the big roundabout at Ingleston, where narrow paths guide you across into the grounds.

Route 2 South Gyle, East Pointing Arrow, light blue on map, 10 miles

Take the paths along the A8 to Gogarburn then Gogar Station Road. Cross into the park at the tunnel to Lochside Ave, willge the Gyle mall to Sough Gyle station, then right along the B701 to the Broomhouse paths,  take these to Fords Road, then take little known paths to Stateford Medical Centre, Slateford Rd to Shandown Place, then Harrison Park & Canal. Familiar wiggles took us to the endpoint, All Bar One near the Filmhouse.

Other options

Park and Ride   (Route 3, red on map)

If you don't want to do 20 miles on top of the PFS's 47 miles, then Park and Ride is your best option. You can drive with bike in car to the free Hermiston park and Ride (at Riccarton) where you can park all day, then blue routes take you to Ingestone. There is also plenty of street parking at Cultins Rd, and around Edinburgh Park station. (The event is on a Sunday).

Theoretically there is also Ingleston park and ride... but facilities local to events have a nasty habit of getting comandeered. We shall see.

Other Cycling Options

Route 4 Queensferry (also Dalmenny, Kirkliston, Newbridge) Purple on Map.

If you're near any of these places, just take the path from Queensferry Scotmid car park, to Newbridge. (It's called the Auldgate path). Keep riding the path to Newbridge, and then take the path on the A8 Southbound to the event.

Route 5 Canal into town  Teal on map

Ride to Gorgarburn and Gogar Station Rd as per route 2. But a further 100 yd climb takes you to the canal. a long (5 miles?) but easy ride into town.

Route 6 Water of Leith Amber on map

Ride to Gorgarburn and Gogar Station Rd as per route 2. But a further1 mile climb up Riccarton Mains Rd takes you to the Riccarton Arms, which is next to the Water of Leith Path. From there you could head into town to out to Balerno.

Finally ...

There is bound to be some marshalling of the paths and roads on the day. But not knowing exactly what they'll do, I've had to do the recce without taking it into account.

We enjoyed tracing the route, as you can see from the photos. Good luck on the day!

The event is on 11th Sep 2016 & the official website is http://pedalforscotland.org/rides/

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